Generic View Components Description

Averos framework offers multiple generic atomic components that could be seemingly composing custom complex generic components, pages or containers.
Made on top of the latest angular materials version, averos atomic components are highly scalable, user friendly and performant.
These components are self-aware, independent and highly scalable.
Averos components are loosely coupled and highly cohesive. They can communicate efficiently with each other and could compose higher level, complex composite components that could meet all kinds of business use cases.

Averos generic components belongs to two category:

  • Atomic Generic View Components : as atomic components such as input field, search input field, date input field, list box, mobile type input field, currency type input field โ€ฆectโ€ฆ

  • Composite Generic View Components: as a composition of atomic components. Fit to basic business use cases such as create, search, edit or view business entities.