Averos…Only what matters the most

Web applications have proven to be essential nowadays in trying to meet an increasingly number of needs.
Today’s users constantly demanding in terms of ergonomics, performance and simplicity when it comes to applications they are using every day.
Needless to mention, the more applications are badly designed and complicated, the more users move away from them and tend to look for a replacement.
On the other hand, and while looking for the perfect implementation of one’s business, a potential application adopter is often in a hurry waiting to launch his business and cannot afford to wait any longer than he should before seeing his business faithfully crafted in a reliable application. Time is money! Building great reliable web applications that targets any business in the least time was not affordable before Averos.
Now, it is.

Averos comes to address this issue and offer a complete framework that provides a set of components aimed to build highly scalable, performant and user friendly applications which are responding to day to day issues in an intuitive manner.

Based on a unique smart user-friendly and fully responsive design, averos leverages all the benefits of the latest web technologies such as angular, angular material, typescript, NGRX, i18n and SCSS. Averos comes in an intend to streamline and simplify web application development thus making ordinary users able to build their own applications without the need to worry about performances, view design, layouts and responsiveness criteria in their development journey.

This documentation reference aims to describe the different aspects of averos framework in an attempt to streamline its use and should be therefore considered as the starting point of your Averos Journey.

For advanced development aspects, it is assumed that the target audience should have a minimum knowledge regarding web application development, mainly Angular framework and typescript.

Knowledge on Html styling is not necessairy given that averos framework comes with a set of predefined full customisable components made on top of the angular Material framework.

Further in this public documentation reference we will detail all the averos framework technical aspects including a framework overview, averos core concepts design and architecture along with a detailed description of averos core modules.