Averos Entity Metadata

Averos entities hold metadata that are mandatory and required in order to bootstrap the framework context.
Each Averos business entity should define the following metadata:

  • a simple string name: describing the name of the entity class
  • a View Layout holder: that hold the entity view layout with respect to different use cases
  • a Service Controller: that will manage the entity (ex. CRUD operations). This service controller should be defined in the decorator @AverosEntity().
  • a unique identifier: that is decorated by @ID()
  • all relationships: members defining relationships and decorated with one of the relationship decorators @OneToOne, @OneToMany and @ManyToOne


export class MyAverosEntity {
    public static entityViewLayout$: Observable<EntityViewLayout<MyAverosEntity>>;
    public static entityViewLayout : EntityViewLayout<MyAverosEntity>;
    public static entityName = 'MyAverosEntity';
    private static instance: MyAverosEntity = null;

    _id!: number;
    name!: string;
    description!: string;
    createdAt!: Date;
    updatedAt!: Date;

    status!: MyEntityStatus;
    @OneToOne('User', import('@wiforge/averos/core/_models/user')) createdBy!: User;
    @OneToOne('User', import('@wiforge/averos/core/_models/user')) updatedBy!: User;

    static getEntityViewLayout(): Observable<EntityViewLayout<MyAverosEntity>> {
        return MyAverosEntity.entityViewLayout$;

    static getUseCaseViewLayout(useCase: UseCase): Observable<UseCaseViewLayout<MyAverosEntity>>{
        return getUseCaseViewLayout(MyAverosEntity, useCase);

    static instanceMetadata(){
        if (!MyAverosEntity.instance){
            MyAverosEntity.instance = new MyAverosEntity();
        return MyAverosEntity.instance;