Averos i18n - Technical Overview

1. Locale Identifiers Placeholders

Averos uses json translation files for storing locale identifiers.
For the translation module to be bootstrapped, AverosTranslationModule introduces a translation initializer that mainly loads json translation files.
The default json files location is assets/i18n/.

Each locale has one json translation file that should be created beforehand, named according to the averos JSON translation file naming convention and placed in your application’s assets/i18n/ folder.

2. JSON Translation File Convention

2.1 File Name

The json translation file should follow the naming convention below:

  • ${profile}: refers to the current application profile (ex. en, fr, se, tn, ar…)

Translation file name examples:
en.json: refer to the english locale translation file
de.json: refer to the german locale translation file
fr.json: refer to the french locale translation file

2.2. Data Structure

A translation file structure is described as a set of (key,value) entries where:

  • key: corresponds to the locale identifier
  • value: corresponds to the translation value


  "user.profile.profile": "Mein Profil",
  "user.profile.settings": "Meine Einstellungen",
  "user.profile.logout": "ich logge aus",
  "user.profile.edit": "Profilausgabe",
  "user.profile.view": "Profildetails"