Averos Search Entity Component

1. Description

averos-search-entity Component is a generic component that is aimed to fit to any search use case related to a specific entity.

A basic Search Entity use case could be described as a page with a set of averos search input fields that will output a set of averos criteria which are built based on a specific input field values and operations.

🚩 Averos Search Entity use case is a composition of one or several Averos Search Input Fields.
Each Search Input Field will accept a value as an Input and will output an AverosCriteria.
The Search Input Use case, as a set of Search Input Fields will output a SearchInputCriteria by combining all the Search Input Components Criteria.

Below is a search entity UI view example:

2. Component’s usage example

<averos-search-entity [useCaseConfig]="useCaseConfig"