Core Module Description

The averos Core module is the main averos framework component that acts as a root module which should be imported in order to leverage all the averos framework benefits and capabilities.

Importing the core module will activate all the framework capabilities including:

  • averos application,
  • averos view,
  • generic customizable menu,
  • generic use cases view,
  • form generation,
  • customizable validators,
  • pre-built views,
  • averos translation,
  • application optimizations
  • and much more.

Averos core module comes with a set of bootstrap configurations that are meant to define specific environment values when running the application.
All core module configurations are held in the FrameworkConfiguration interface and mainly includes the list of supported languages.
Supported languages configuration, on the other hand, will bootstrup the target supported languages list into the application by providing further configurations in order to fully support those languages.

You might also execute the following command in order to initialize a new web application and include all the featues above:

ng add @wiforge/averos

โ„น๏ธ Example:

ng add @wiforge/averos --application-name=MyAverosApplication --enable-authentication --authentication-provider=custom --default-language-code=en

Few things are to be noticed here:

  • --enable-authentication : this parameter enables authentication (default to averos authentication)
  • --authentication-provider : this parameter sets up an authentication provider for your application.
  • --default-language-code : this parameter configures a default language to your application The user may use ng add @wiforge/averos interactively. In this case the workflow will guide the user through all of the available parameters.

๐Ÿ”– Note that, the averos workflow ng add @wiforge/averos is considered as your starting point and will include the averos core module into your application, automatically activating all the averos aspects mentioned above.