What is Averos

Averos framework is the ultimate Rapid, fully responsive Angular-powered web application development framework that is aimed to simplify and streamline enterprise web application development while hiding complex technical aspects; providing a full control on time to market (TTM).
Averos let you create a fully angular blown multipurpose and highly responsive enterprise applications in only five steps: Design, Integrate, Customize, Test and Deploy.

What is not Averos

Averos is only intended for creating enterprise web applications and not websites. So, if you are planning to create a website, do not use Averos and instead look for frameworks more suited to this need.

About the author

This whole work including averos architecture, implementation, UI Design, logos design, averos documentation and this web site has been achieved by only one person.
Hello 🤝 !
I am a cutting edge technologies’ follower and avid builder who likes to make ideas happen and to play drums 🥁.
If you wish to contact me should you have any questions, suggestions or simply willing to get in touch then do not hesitate to leave me a message I will gladly respond to you.

How do Averos powered applications look like

Below are examples of user interfaces which were created using averos framework.

averos Home dark theme Averos Sign In Dark Averos Sign In Light Averos Logged Light Averos Logged Dark Averos Profile DE Averos Search Result Desktop Averos mobile Averos mobile arabic
Examples of averos applications.

Get Started


  • generate prototypes, application scaffolds or full blown applications with the least coding skills
  • create stunning responsive web application in a jiffy
  • focus on business logic rather than technical aspects
  • leverage all angular cutting edge benefits
  • efficient control of time to market (TTM)
  • create backend agnostic application
  • integrate you legacy backend APIs & workflows
  • build scalable applications
  • transform your existing angular applications
  • leverage an intuitive user interface design powered by angular material, html5 and CSS
  • target multiple languages by leveraging averos translation capabilities
  • leverage averos designer for NoCode application development
  • and much more…

Notable Features

  • use averos workflows for low-code development
  • create your application in one or many languages that are already supported out of the box (Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian)
  • easy translation of the finest view details to up to 11 languages (or customize your own language)
  • define your components validation workflows
  • customize and internationalize your validation messages for a better customer experience
  • generate customizable menu - setup and configure your application menu
  • full angular 12/13/14/15/16/17 support for legacy or new angular application projects
  • intelligent/multipurposes reusable atomic components
  • complex various reusable CRUD use cases
  • extendable components
  • composable components for rich use cases
  • optimized components
  • complex components generation (nocode)
  • complex use cases generation (nocode)
  • customizable component view layout
  • customizable use case view layout
  • light / dark mode support
  • fully responsive components
  • scalable architecture
  • flawless integration with microservice architecture
  • leverage command lines for application components creation and workflows development (add new entities, create entities relations, create use cases, add new language support, add translation records, create and assign services, create configurations, link backend APIs…)
  • leverage averos designer capabilities for NoCode application development by installing Wibuild application either on mobile or on desktop devices
  • and much more…

How To Participate

If you have any suggestions, enhancements ideas or issues related to the averos framework, please feel free to use one of the following placeholders:


Use of Averos framework binary library is permitted, free of charge, including for commercial purposes.
However, use of Averos source code is governed by the Averos License that can be found here.

Averos is designed, developed, and maintained by averos-io.