Averos Application

Averos framework introduces a generic web application component that includes all the averos modules and creates a ready to deploy application in no time.
averos-application is the core averos component and is considered as your main entry point.
This component holds all the web application logic and templates and will integrate flawlessly with any additional user custom components or configurations.

Again, executing ng add @wiforge/averos will configure your application at your stead.

Besides, if you are willing to manually integrate the averos main component when creating a new angular application, you will need to follow these two steps:

  1. import AverosCoreModule in your application main module (ex. app.module.ts)
  2. enable the AverosApplicationComponent in the application main component app.component.html by calling the component:


πŸ”– Note that, averos-application main component could be enhanced with additional use cases, components and services regardless of the target business. The development process remains the same as any regular angular application development process (create, include and call any component, service, entity, directive…).
This means that you might stop following averos guidelines and architectrue at any point and use only angular specification (i.e. ng generate component|service|guard|pipe...) while proceding with your application as if it was a simple angular application.