Averos Advanced CRUD

1. Description

Averos CRUD is a composite use case that is meant to implement all CRUD operations related to a specific entity type.
From averos perspective, this type of use case is seen as the composition of generic averos create entity and generic averos search entity use cases.

Averos introduces a workflow command, named advanced-crud , that automates such use case creation. The command will create a search entity and a create entity use cases and updated the user menu entry accordingly.

2. advanced-crud Command Usage

ng g @wiforge/averos:advanced-crud

The workflow will guide you throught several interactive steps towards the creation of an advanced crud use case related to a specific entity type.
It will end up by implementing Create, Read, Update and Delete use cases with advanced operations such as export, action notifications, interactive actions and user crud menu creation.

The target generated menu item entries will look like the following:

🚩 The default generated menu for the advanced crud use case will result in a menu group having the name of the entity along with two menu items referring both Create Entity use case and Search Entity Use Case.
These menu entries could be rearranged and styled using the averos menu configuration process described in this documentation.