UseCase View Layout Attributes Description

1. Attributes Description

  • standardGroupMaxLineItems: Default to 4. Defines the maximum number of Items by line in a given group of components. Only Relevant for desktop display. While in mobile display there could be only one item/component/widget by line in “create/edit” use cases and two items by line in a “view” layout.
  • title: the use case / page title
  • titleTranslationID: the title translation ID
  • parentEntityLabel: the parent entity name / the relationship owner name
  • parentEntityLabelTranslationId: the parentEntityLabel translation id
  • orderedView: false by default. Specifies wether the fields are ordered in the page or not. (FieldViewLayout.order will be taken into consideration while drawing the use case view)
  • ucViewLayout: a collection of FieldViewLayout holding each its appropriate view configuration
  • iconOrientation: the overall icons orientation
    • SUFFIX: icons are aligned to the right of the component
    • PREFIX: icons are aligned to the left of the component

2. Attributes UI Mapping

i. UI Mapping

ii. Target JSON Structure

A createUCViewLayout JSON configuration example is described below:

"createUCViewLayout": {
		"orderedView": true,
		"title": "Create User",
		"titleTranslationID": "uc.create.user.title",
		"parentEntityLabel": "User Details",
		"parentEntityLabelTranslationId": "uc.create.user.label",
		"iconOrientation": "SUFFIX",
		"ucViewLayout": [...]