Create Entity Use Case

1. Description

Create Entity is a use case that is meant to implement any entity centric creation process.
Usually this type of use case introduces one or several input forms that supports customizable validations along with value domains controller in order to allow the creations of objects based on it’s entity type description.

Averos introduces a workflow command, named create-entity-uc , that automates such use case creation.

2. create-entity-uc Command Usage

ng g @wiforge/averos:create-entity-uc

The workflow will guide you throught several interactive steps towards the use case creation.

πŸ”– Note that Create Entity will be managed by createUCViewLayout. The latter will define the following attributes:

3. UI View Layout

Below is an averos UI view layout example related to create entity use case.

Once the user notification dialog disposed, the use case will redircet to the view entity layout where the user is given the ability to edit his newly created object for further updates.

Once created the use case support immediate entity edition in order to introduce new updates.

Averos Create Entity use case, also supports adding multiple children to the parent.
The following picture describes the output UI view layout for such action:

πŸ”– Note that all of the use case specifications described above are already available out of the box by the workflow command create-entity-uc.