Application Requirements

2 minute read

I- Definitions

In this tutorial we will create a basic web application named ToDoApplication that stores, manages and tracks To do Tasks per To do Area or domain.

A To Do Task defines a simple task that should be achieved. An example of To Do Task could be Change light bulbs.
A To Do Task can belong to one or more To Do Area.
This means that To Do Area can contain one or more To Do Area.
A To Do Area is a specific domain or area of interest to which a To Do Task belongs. For example, our previous task Change light bulbs could belong to Home domain, to Chores domain or to both.
Furthermore, ToDoApplication users should be able to store, manage and track To Do Areas and To Do Tasks.
On the other hand, ToDoApplication should support multiple users alongs with privacy. Thus, the application should not allow any unauthorized access.
Each user has it’s own private logged space where he can access only his To Do Tasks and To Do Areas.

ℹ️Note that as we describe our application, business entities among other aspects started to appear.
For example, in light of the preceding, it is safe to assume that we could now identify two business entities, To Do Task and To Do Area.
Also, we could identify a relationship between To Do Area and To Do Task since the latter can contain the former.
Finally, we gave the following name to our application: ToDoApplication.

All of these informations will help us designing our application.

II- Business Requirements

A ToDoApplication user should be able to perform a couple of actions so that he can store, manage and track ToDo Tasks and Areas.
Therefore, the application must allow the user to:

  • Create ToDo Area
  • Create ToDo Task
  • Search ToDo Areas based on criteria filter
  • Search ToDo Task based on criteria filter
  • Export ToDo Areas to Excel format
  • Export ToDo Tasks to Excel format
  • Update/modify ToDo Area
  • Update/modify ToDo Task (a user can update an existing task)
  • Delete ToDo Area
  • Delete ToDo Task
  • Assign ToDo Tasks to ToDo Area (a user can assign one or several tasks to a specific area of interest)
  • Unassign ToDo Tasks from ToDo Area (a user can unassign one or several tasks from a specific area of interest)
  • Activate a ToDo Task
  • Close a ToDo Task

III- Additional Requirements

Since we are targetting users speaking different languages, our application should support multi-languages.
For the sake of this tutorial, we are going to include English, which is the default language, along with French as an additional language.

💡 Averos Framework supports 11 languages, in the same time, out of the box; so you might choose whatever additional language that suits you for this tutorial instead of French.

Also, let’s assume that you know few things about frontend development and that you want to create your own page with your own implementation and design.
In this case your generated application should include a blank page or blank page which has a predefined menu link in the application menus and which will serve as a scaffolding for this specific page.
We will get back to these additional features once we will start creating our application.

Now we have have an idea about what kind of application we want to build, and what are the main features that it should provide,let’s move forward and start thinking about how our application is designed by delving into its features and specifications details a bit more.