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Welcome to averos getting started tutorial for developers !

This tutorial is exclusively dedicated to developers and will walk you through basics steps of creating a web application using averos framework.
It is assumed that you have basic software development knowledge including UML design, typescript or JavaScript, json, angular and reactive programming.

In this tutorial you will be taken through key steps of creating a basic web application named ToDoApplication where you will build a ToDo tracking application that stores and manages Tasks you need to achieve into seperate Domains.
By the end of this tutorial you will aqcuire solid knowledge about how averos framework is used in order to rapidly create applications and will be able to leverage all averos features and capabilities to barge your way into the creation of cutting edge web applications in no time.

๐Ÿ”– Please note that averos framework is fully described in the Documentation section.

Should you have any issues, suggestions or enhancements related to averos framework please let us know using the following placeholders.
We love to hear from you!

I. Overview

Before starting the creation of our application let us have a high level technical view regarding how averos is used in conjunction with angular in building web applications.
Creating an angular based web application with averos is only 3 steps away:

  • Create an angular application
  • Add Averos framework and customize your application
  • Build, package and run your application

On the other hand, customizing your application by adding your entities and their related business use cases will require further design steps. Those design steps are tightly coupled to the user requirements and application specifications. Those additional steps are:

  • Design your entities, interactions and use cases
  • Integrate your design within averos. A set of prebuilt use cases could be generated with the help of averos use case command line workflow
  • Customize your application by adding specific business requirements and rules